Cwm Harry Land Trust (known simply as Cwm Harry) is a Welsh based charity (registered number 1100899). Our purpose is to build community owned business and to focus on enterprises that help us to better manage – and better understand – our environment.

Acting as a development trust we take on projects that show real potential to change the way we view our environment. By enabling communities to own and manage their resources so we are seeing communities build:

  • Wealth and jobs locally;
  • Better environments in which to live and work;
  • Social cohesion supporting friends and families.

Together building more resilient communities; and doing this community by community so as to help establish a new economic sector that builds environmental capital alongside financial wealth.

Begun in 2003 on the smallholding called Cwm Harri our founder simply collected green waste from his village, composted it and then grew good veg that his community bought back from him. This pioneered the idea of a ‘closed loop economy’ here in the UK.

Losing the small holding in the same year as winning investment to deliver his pioneering service across much of Montgomeryshire Cwm Harry – now a charity – set up Wales’ first doorstep food waste collection service and ran Wales’ first large scale composting plant.

Based on this success Cwm Harry has gone on to float off four social enterprises including:

  • Cultivate
  • Biocycle
  • Zero Waste
  • Grounded Development

Still inside the Cwm Harry Charity is:

  • Our research and development activity
  • Our skills and training division, known as Sussed

Key projects of which the largest is Ffarm Moelyci.