Phytopilot offers an innovated business demonstrating how a high vale product can be created from low value inputs.

  • High Quality Microorganisms
  • Fed on Home Grown High Quality Fresh Algae
  • Hand Reared, Washed and Screened
  • No Finishing Diets or Excess Nutrients!

We grow a sustainable range of micro-organisms (Harpacticoida Tigriopus japonicus,  L Type Rotifers Brachionus plicatilis) and microalgae Nannochloropsis on a small scale to supply a range of traders and fish food markets.

Phytopilot are based in North Wales at Ffarm Moelyci.  Micro-organisms are grown in indoor tanks and supported with air and lighting.  The highlight of the business is the low impact on the environment growing high purity and nutrient and dye rich species to enhance any higher organism up the food chain.

PhytoPilot produces high quality microorganisms for your aquaria. Our zooplankton are highly nutritious and are fed on a diet of high quality algae. Our expertly blended feed is a balanced diet of fatty acids, dyes and essential minerals providing your aquaria occupants with a feed that is closer to their natural diet. All our zooplankton products are washed and screened to ensure no unwanted organisms.

Current Microorg Species

Copepods :: Tigriopus japonicus (Harpactcoida)
Size :: 0.1 – 1000µm, Salinity :: 30ppt (30g/l) Phosphate free saltwater
Rotifers :: Brachionus plicatlis (L type)
Size :: 0.01 – 50µm, Salinity :: 30ppt (30g/l) Phosphate free saltwater

Current Algae Species

Nannochloropsis oculata
1x, concentrates in bottles or bulk
30-40g/l salinity, 5µm algae size