One of the UK’s first community owned farms Ffarm Moelyci has, since 2003, pioneered the idea that community ownership can play a part in how farming both grows good food and nurtures strong communities.

With 340 acres of superb wildlife the farm includes a wide range of habitats including:

  • The extensive SSSI heath-land mountain top and grasslands;
  • Gwynedd’s finest grasslands for finding fungi.


This rich environment is the backdrop to the new era at Ffarm Moelyci. In early 2015 Cwm Harry Land Trust took over and have, with the community, set a renewed vision for the farm which is about:

  • Producing good food and improving wildlife

    • We have a market garden, a local food shop and café; Blas Lôn Las, and catering kitchen to make the most of the good food grown locally and on farm.
    • We will intergrate grazing  across the farm to protect and enhance Moelyci’s species rich grassland and produce sustainable, healthy food.
    • We will also improve the condition of other local rich habitats such as our veteran oak and ash woodlands and the SSSI heath-land on the mountain.
  • Supporting enterprises so that we build opportunities for keeping wealth local, for creating jobs and providing training for all. The farm has space and facilities for:
    • Local food hub – made up of market garden, shop, café and kitchen.
    • Farming – where there is the chance to support a new generation of young farmers
    • Rural businesses as the cow barn gets converted and we look to create new workshop and we provide office accommodation in the farmhouse
    • Events – from weddings to music nights, Ffarm Moelyci has a range of facilities available for the local community to use.

Based on a working farm and with community involvement as part of the everyday operation Ffarm Moelyci is also committed to sharing skills and so offers a wide range of courses and training days.