One of the UK’s first community owned farms Ffarm Moelyci has, since 2003, pioneered the idea that community ownership can play a part in how farming both grows good food and nurtures strong communities.

With 340 acres of superb wildlife the farm includes a wide range of habitats including:

  • The extensive SSSI heath-land mountain top and grasslands;
  • Gwynedd’s finest grasslands for finding fungi.

This rich environment is the backdrop to the new era at Ffarm Moelyci. In in 2018 Cwm Harry joined the consortium Ymlaen Moelyci who have purchased the farm as a whole to secure it for future generations.  Cwm Harry are involved in 2 enterprises on the farm; REDIRECT –  for conversion of biomass to products and the community shop and cafe Blas Lôn Las.