Cwm Harry’s composting plant in Newtown closed in Autumn 2012. For six years we have been proud to recycle most of Montgomeryshire’s food waste into compost which has been used to grow local food.

From November 2012 all of Powys’ food waste is now transported to Oxfordshire where it is anaerobically digested, producing renewable energy and recycling nutrients to nearby farms.

However Cwm Harry intends to stay in the nutrient recycling business and in early 2013 was chosen as the preferred bidder to take on the Ludlow Anaerobic Digestion Plant. For more information contact us.

How We Used To Do Our Composting

Composting of food waste is regulated by the State Veterinary Service and the Environment Agency. Both organisations monitor Cwm Harry’s work and are in regular communication. The company also holds a Waste Management Licence in order to be able to operate both the collection service and the composting process.

The composting took place undercover, and the building was sealed. Internally, there were ten bays in which to house the compost.

The Process

  1. When the material enters the building it is shredded and then mixed with green (garden) waste.
  2. This is placed in Bay 1. Temperature probes are now introduced. These monitor the decomposition process. The temperature must rise to a minimum of 60°C for two days in order to kill any pathogens which may be present.
  3. The material in Bay 1 is then turned and in so doing it is transferred to Bay 2. Here it must stay at 60°C for a further two days.
  4. Over eight weeks the material is turned 10 times in all.
  5. At this point the compost still contains pieces of woody material and so it is screened to remove these. The end result is a nutrient-rich compost which is pleasant to handle and smells sweet.
  6. The final stage is to screen it and at the end of the process we are awarded PAS100 certification, recognising the quality of our beautiful uniform soil improving compost which can increase plant yields, and which we sell to local growers and gardeners