Have you got a yen to be involved with growing food in Newtown?

Cwm Harry’s back field is turning into a vegetable gardening by dint of hard work.  If you would like to help us transform it and to learn more about growing vegetables at the same time why not get in touch with us?

You’ll be part of a social enterprise which is aiming to encourage the production (and consumption!) of food in the local area.  You’ll be part of an organisation demonstrating how a waste material is transformed into a valuable soil conditioner and how this contributes to a sustainable cycle of fertility.  You’ll know the satisfaction of watching things grow as the result of your efforts.

Give Hannah a ring at Cwm Harry:  tel 626234 if you fancy wielding a hoe, sowing a few seeds, harvesting some salad bags.  We’d be pleased to see you and your hard work would be rewarded with a lettuce leaf – or two!

Would you like to get involved?

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