Cwm Harry as an organisation has pioneered in the area of waste reduction, recycling and especially food waste minimisation. Over the last 8 years or more we have built up an expertise on some of the key areas required for us all to be able to make the increasingly urgent transition to a much more sustainable World. This dedication and pioneering research has also attracted the interest and involvement of wide range of project partners with interests in a broader range of related areas.. local food retail and distribution, organic horticulture, community gardening, permaculture design, community finance, housing cooperatives, as well as other areas of waste reduction and waste management such as anaerobic digestion and algae grown on nutrient contaminated water as means of cleaning that water and obtaining a useful yield from it.

If there is one underlying message that we have learned it is that society as a whole needs to rethink its whole relationship with resources. The very idea of waste is an anathema to way that nature itself works. A wider goal for all development going forward has to be to learn lessons from nature. We need the kind of development that regenerates natural systems, regenerates local economies and communities and that builds productivity and complexity in both the social and the natural sphere. Listen to this passionate speech by Welsh naturalist Iolo Williams if you an any way doubt the urgency of the changes we need to make.

Cwm Harry is paying attention to these and other concerns in its approach to its next phase of development. We are investing in SKills and Training to this end, firstly to share the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated in these areas and secondly to build a platform for others to share their knowledge. Steven Jones, permaculture tutor, community gardener, teacher and blogger has been invited to build a skills and training department over the next two years, working across the Cwm Harry departments to offer training, courses, conferences and knowledge sharing events in all the key areas of skills and expertise we have developed. Steve brings with him the Sector39 partnership and network, which has delivered 20 2- Week Permaculture Design courses to date, reaching over 300 graduates along with a vast array of other short courses. Steve is also an experienced public speaker with a passion for communicating the sustainability message.

Please do GET IN TOUCH to find out more about this exciting development and to hear of up and coming training opportunities.. we are also very keen to collaborate with anyone out there with similar interests and objectives.

Cwm Harry Skills and Training – ‘Produce No Waste’

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