Inspired by Food Surplus heroes FareShare, Cwm Harry have set up the Shrewsbury Food Hub that uses volunteer power to to get surplus food to local community organisations, so they can make their budgets go further.

ThAlison Coffey and Chris Campbell M S Meole cropere is plenty of surplus food produced every day in Shrewsbury and there are plenty of people and organisations that can use that food. So we have set up the Shrewsbury Food Hub to link the 2 sides of the equation – to make sure less good food is wasted and to help with the budget for local organisations.

We decided to do this after we realised that it was really difficult for one charity on their own to take advantage of the surplus food – there is simply too much and it is too overwhelming – so we have created a Hub that can receive the food and then distribute to different charities on different days. So far we have 10 organisations on board to receive bakery products, fruit and veg from the two Marks and Spencer stores in Shrewsbury.

Could you help?

  • Are you available to help with collections and drop offs maybe once a week – you need your own car and be prepared to wear hiviz (supplied)! Typically we rock up at M & S at 7.30am and drop off and finish by 9, Monday to Friday. However – this is flexible.
  • Do you have a spare freezer where we can store excess bread?
  • Do you know of projects or organisations who might be able to use surplus food in Shrewsbury?
  • Do you have surplus food that you would like us to distribute?

If you would like to get involved or to know more about the Shrewsbury Food Hub please get in touch, Ali and Katy and or see our website

Cwm Harry launches Shrewsbury Food Hub project

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