Log stoves and RHI

Log stoves are at present not in line to be supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive of Green Deal. Cwm Harry have recently carried out a study to investigate whether this financial support should be added, and if so, how it could be achieved. The study was funded through the recent LEAF (Local Energy Assessment Fund) scheme run by DECC and administered by EST.

Research has been carried out into the possible ways that heat output from log stoves could be measured, together with assessments of the currently un-used fuel supply for log stoves, and the potential for installing these appliances in greater numbers of domestic properties. Wider opinion has been obtained both from potential users through use of focus groups, and from heating experts through a peer review consultation and presentation.

The basic findings are as follows:

There is currently a large quantity of fuel being left un-harvested in un-managed UK woodlands. At least half a million homes could benefit from the installation of a log stove, and this could lead to a saving of 2 million tonnes of CO2.

There are number of barriers to this happening, including:

  • Lack of confidence in purchasing logs – because of uncertainty over quality and weight purchased
  • Lack of confidence in use of the stove
  • The price of logs in comparison to alternatives (e.g.oil) if bought from the open market

This study addresses these issues, and in particular, looks at how a co-operative ESCo type business could help address all three, including facilitating the introduction of RHI or a similar reward system into the log stove market.  The full report can be downloaded here Support for log stoves – final project report

For more background information click here for Log stoves and RHI or here for Experiments with measurement of heat output from log stoves

Project team


Cwm Harry Project management and direction
Chris Laughton, Rob Gwillim, Jacinta Macdermot Stove monitoring techniques
Shareenergy (Jon Halle) & ROCBF (Mick Brown) business and financial modelling
HES (Alison Davies, Dave Luckhurst) User focus groups Establishing potential demand
Coed Cymru (David Jenkins) Supply options and constraints
Derwas Ltd stove supply and installations



This project has been funded through the LEAF project (Local Energy Assessment Fund) set up by DECC and administered through the Energy Saving Trust.

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