The Rubbish Diet and the Museum of Bad Design are into the finals of nesta’s National Waste Reduction Competition!  The Rubbish Diet takes Karen Cannard’s blog into the community, like WeightWatchers for your bin.  Meanwhile,  the Musuem of Bad Design tackles the poor design, pricing and wayward consumer decisions that mean more than 90% of what we buy ends up in the bin within 6 months  –  creating a space where members of the public can work alongside specialists and manufacturers to make things better, gradually turning off the tap of crap products.    Here we are at nesta with our partners Karen Cannard of the Rubbish Diet Blog and Jim Hensman of Coventry University.  Thanks to all our partners and supporters for getting these game-changing Zero Waste ideas this far.  Thanks to everyone who has helped these ideas get so far!  Contact if you’d like to get involved.

Into the Nesta Finals With Two Great Zero Waste Ideas

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