Are you frustrated by stuff you have to throw away?  Stuff where recycling or repair seems too difficult? Do you have solutions you want to share?  Join us at The People’s Design Lab where the highest voted of the leaderboard so far are black plastic and polystyrene trays for food,  headphones seem to be designed to break,  peeled and then re-wrapped bananas.  Have your say!

By joining the Lab you get connected to designers, scientists,fixperts and manufacturers. Together, we can unpick the problems and find solutions for achieving Zero Waste.

Nominate products you can’t recycle, re-use or repair for a People’s Design Lab Award. Vote for nominated products. Tell us about better ideas. The first round of nominations and voting is open until 27th May. 

The People’s Design Lab is a finalist in innovation think tank Nesta’s national waste reduction competition.

Frustrated by the stuff you have to throw away? Join the People’s Design Lab!

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