Inaugural Meeting of the Zero Waste Research Centre 11-3pm, 16th March   –   Coventry Council House, Earl Street , Coventry, CV1 5RR

Zero Waste Research Centre:  Creating a Community Movement to Design out Waste

We cannot afford waste. By redesigning our business models and products we can minimise waste and create a circular economy, where resources are used again and again. The Zero Waste Research Centre will bring together communities with academic researchers, local authorities and industry to create a community movement for redesign. The meeting will confirm the purpose of the Centre and develop and agree the basis for proposal for a funded pilot to explore how to make this work. A starter for discussion is attached.

Please RSVP or get in touch with any questions to Katy Anderson A collaborative project with input from Coventry University, Bioregional, Cambridge University, Cardiff University, Zero Waste Presteigne/Cwm Harry, Zero Waste Alliance, Bright Green, Paul Connett, Capannori Zero waste Centre, Coventry City Council.  Join us!  Join the discussion on yahoo:

Zero Waste Research Centre: Creating a Community Movement to Design out Waste 16th March, Coventry

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