compost-mastercalss-800wRichard Northridge, lead researcher with Cwm Harry will be leading a compost masterclass along with colleague Steve Jones and Ian Steele, stock farmer and local food pioneer of Treflach farm Shropshire.

The one day course will cover all the basics and introduce some of the key ideas for effective compost making, We willl be making a large compost heap as a practical and will be monitoring its progress over the coming weeks and documenting how well it performs. We will be mainly looking at a farm scale management system, which would be appropriate for community growers, small holders and the like.

Cwm Harry of course have amassed a large amount of experience in this field researching and delivering food waste composting for Powys County Council over a period of several years. Obviously with farm input costs constantly rising and with the increasing body of knowledge out there underlining just how effective compost is in maintaining soil quality, water infiltration and more it is not unrealistic to see compost as the New Black Gold.



Compost Masterclass with Cwm Harry
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