tweetReally excited to be at the Real farming conference at Oxford university… chance to chat with , the Plunkett foundation, Soil Association, Triodos Bank, Elm Farm research, Permaculture Association and other leaders in the sustainability field. Cwm Harry are running a skill sharing session tomorrow at the Ship Street conference hub.. talking about the Cultivate Project, Permaculture Teaching and our Skills and training ambitions.

ox4Congratulations to Rachel Solnick on her first day on the Get-Growing project team, and also here is Emma Maxwell horticulture trainer and Jodie Griffith, Skills co-ordinator and project manager with me Steve Jones permaculture trainer and led tutor.


Agriculture and how we manage the wider landscape will have increasing significance as we face up to the twin challenges of energy descent and established climate. Add to that the escalating cost of farm inputs and an escalating price of food and you are confronted with the fact that it is a challenging time for farming in the UK and across the World.

Here is a recent submission from Cwm Harry on farming, climate change and resiliencee.

An impassioned speech on the importance and potentials of a revitalised local food economy and food culture  outside the Oxford Real Farmers Conference last week. Concern is growing that the debate is being dominated by agro-tech companies and over looking the fact that 70% of the World’s food is actually growing on a small local scale by traditional farming practices.

Cwm Harry at the Real Farming conference in Oxford
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