Training, courses, taster events, public speaking and consultancy: Cwm Harry has a large range of skill and knowledge sharing events and services

Steven Jones and Jodie Griffith have formed a new association to deliver the knowledge and experience that has built up within Cwm Harry enterprises.

Skills brings together practitioners and teachers to pass on practical skills for building a resilient future. Teaching and providing experiences to individuals, communities and businesses across the UK.

Crafts and Gardening practical courses: regular programme of events hosted by Cultivate/ Get-Growing at the horticulture training base in Newtown.

  • Horticulture training
  • Greenwood craft
  • Compost
  • Biochar and Woodgas

Permaculture design. Permaculture is a design science for sustainability, integrating together food, soils, water, housing, energy, community, finance and more. Sector39 is a leading partnership of permaculture design teachers, practitioners and crafts artisans

  • 2-week intensive certificated courses
  • 6 weekend courses,
  • 5 day How to Design a community garden, a collaborate course for community growers
  • Talks and public speaking

Zero waste. Cwm Harry is a lead partner is public waste reduction strategies. We can manage waste reduction and recylint at public events, to public outreach and much more.

Affordable Housing. We are interested in affordable housing projects, from commissioning to design.

  • Housing coopertives, support to set and up and run fully mutual housing proejcts
  • Landscaping and design for surrounding areas and communal spaces


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