Watch out for The Rubbish Diet on ITV this Thursday. Welsh-born Karen Cannard, creator of The Rubbish Diet, features on ITV’s Tonight programme at 9pm this Thursday, 1st August. You can see her helping a family in Liverpool slim their bin and their food bills – saving more than £10 a week that they didn’t realise they were throwing away. The Rubbish Diet is coming to Powys in September – to get involved or for more info contact Richard at Cwm Harry on 01686 626234 or 07913 590095 or email

Karen Cannard visiting landfill site

Five years ago, Karen a mother of 2, from Bury St Edmunds was challenged to slim her bin in a “Zero Waste” challenge and by the end of an 8 week trial she threw away only one plaster! She’s been talking rubbish ever since, and created The Rubbish Diet to make it really easy to cut out waste and save money.

Now Cwm Harry has teamed up with Karen to bring The Rubbish Diet to Powys. Whether it’s a space issue and you can’t get everything in your bin, your wheelie bin smells because of rotting food or you just can’t stand our throw-away lifestyle, The Rubbish Diet will help to solve your waste problems.

The Diet is really easy to do. You’ll find solutions that work for you with the help of other Dieters and from your local Bin Doctor, Cwm Harry’s Richard Northridge. To find out more visit or contact Richard direct on You’ll never have to panic about missing bin day again!

Are you ready for The Rubbish Diet?

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